Nicole DeBoom: Skirt Sports | Episode 10

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Today’s guest got her start as a swimmer qualifying for the ‘88 Olympic trials. After graduating from Yale University, she moved on to a professional triathlete career, eventually winning the 2004 Ironman Wisconsin, wearing a prototype she designed of the first-ever running skirt – a skirt that launched a revolution in women’s fitness clothing. Nicole DeBoom is the Founder & CEO of Skirt Sports, an athletic apparel brand designed to fit real women’s bodies, with the goal of helping them find strength, power and happiness through running. Her non-profit “Running Start” partners women with “barriers to fitness” with Personal Motivators, and trains them for their first 5k. Her inspirational podcast Run This World features visionaries and people who are making change in the world.Today, she sits on the other side of the table for an interview with The Boulderista.

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