The Boulderista is a podcast that highlights the Boulder lifestyle through the stories of local influencers, their roots and impact on the community. The podcast is recorded and produced in Boulder, CO by an all-star team including:

Sherrie Figueroa: Host and Executive Producer

Originally from Miami Beach, not a day passes where she doesn’t feel gratitude for the experiences and connections she’s made in Boulder. Her affinity for local traditions and her desire to shine a spotlight on the individuals who are part of Boulder’s electricity and vibe is the foundation of The Boulderista. When she’s not interviewing local influencers or working with real estate clients, Sherrie’s avid interests include dance, travel and spending time with her obnoxiously cute kids and husband, Eric.


Eric Figueroa: Executive Producer

Growing up in Philadelphia, Eric was heavily influenced by the soundtrack of his life: from traditional folk music played at the church where his father was a musician, to the hip hop beats his cousins spun in the basement. Along with exposure to the emerging DJ culture of the 80’s, a passion for music was sparked and led to a successful career as a professional DJ. His meticulous nature, perfect pitch and flawless blends have earned him a reputation as an amazing entertainer, and now an accomplished producer. When not immersed in music, he can be found skateboarding around Colorado and passing along his love for travel, art, and all things street culture to his two kids.


Stephen May: Digital Marketing, Crescent Leaf Technologies

An east coast native of the NYC region, Steve, his wife and daughter migrated to the Boulder-area 3 years ago for a change of lifestyle. The discovery of world-class beer, hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking and breathtaking vistas has made the transition to Colorado an easy one. When not exploring the great outdoors, Steve is the principal of a digital marketing and online reputation firm (Crescent Leaf Technologies) that was founded 25 years ago.

Sherrie Figueroa, Host of The Boulderista in the recording studio
Sherrie Figueroa, Host and Executive Producer of
The Boulderista in the recording studio.



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