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Boulder local Linda Chavez is a center right thought leader, author of American politics, political analyst, and president of the Becoming American Initiative. She was the highest-ranking woman in President Ronald Reagan’s White House, and was the first Latina ever nominated to the United States Cabinet, when President George W. Bush nominated her Secretary of Labor before withdrawing her name from consideration. Chavez is the founder and chairwoman of the Center for Equal Opportunity, a conservative think tank which focuses on affirmative action, immigration, and bilingual education. Chavez has been a nationally syndicated columnist and political pundant for three decades, appearing on all the major networks, everything from CNN to FOX News and Real Time with Bill Maher. In 2000, Chavez was honored by the Library of Congress as a “Living Legend” for her contributions to America’s cultural and historical legacy.  Join Linda and I as we discuss politics and the importance of finding common ground in the middle in a highly polarized political climate.

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