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Today’s guest is former Major League Baseball pitcher Brad “Lights Out” Lidge, who grew up in the suburbs of Denver before leaving CO to live out a celebrated 11 season pitching career, including being named the Houston Astros’ Rookie of the Year in 2003, playing on two National League All-Star teams, and winning the 2008 World Series as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies. Brad moved back to Colorado after retiring, and shifted focus to getting a master’s degree in ancient Roman archaeology, and raising his children in Boulder with his wife, Lindsey. He stays engaged with MLB by appearing on network radio shows on SIRIUSXM. When not on air or digging in the dirt for artifacts in Europe, he and Lindsey work their own land in Boulder, donating large amounts of their fruit harvest to local food banks, and distributing fresh flowers to local businesses. Brad also serves as a board member to Project Cure and Y on Earth, and supports local chartiy Project Vets. 

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