Jessica Benjamin: First Bite, Boulder Restaurant Week | Episode 21

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For over fifteen years, First Bite: Boulder County’s Restaurant Week has illuminated the local food scene, becoming one of the most popular restaurant events in Colorado. Taking over the event in 2019, Executive Producer Jessica Benjamin launched a new program, bringing together 68 local organizations to deepen the connection locals have to their community. With her vision, First Bite saw a more than 40% increase in diners, delivering an impact of over a half million dollars to Boulder County. In 2020 as the pandemic began ravaging our restaurant industry, Jessica pivoted First Bite and produced “A Bite of Boulder”, a limited-run cookbook featuring over 40 recipes from 30 local restaurants. With at least 50% of proceeds going back to the participating restaurants, First Bite brought together diners, chefs and the whole community through cooking at home with flavors from Boulder’s best eateries. Join me on the Boulderista podcast as we highlight our very own local foodie as she shares her simple philosophy: “Food is Love”.

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