Brigitte Mars: Plant Medicine Woman | Episode 15

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Brigitte Mars has been well known in the community for decades for her natural health expertise and for leading edible and medicinal plant walks here in the City of Boulder. Her weekly radio show “Naturally” has been running for over 30 years on KGNU. Along with being an herbalist and nutritional consultant for nearly fifty years in Boulder, Mars is a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild, author and raw food chef. Mars teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, where she is the faculty advisor for The Psychedelic Club… and has taught nationally and abroad at schools and festivals.. such as Arise, Omega Institute, Esalen, and The Mayo Clinic. She is a long time member of MAPS and a recent graduate of The Psychedelic Sitter’s School based here in Boulder. Although she has worked with names such as “Leary and Metzner”, “Mars” has become something of a household name among natural living enthusiasts. Tune into this excellent episode of The Boulderista podcast now and be sure to share with your crunchiest of friends!

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